Social Activities

With its numerous sights and attractions as well as its distinguished history, Münster offers exciting social activities. During the congress, you are able to enjoy several interesting tours which can be booked in the registration portal.

Tours during EAWOP congress 2013

Guided Tour of the Old Town Including a Visit of the Hall of Peace:
European history was written at the Hall of Peace at the historic Town Hall in 1648 when the Westphalian Peace Treaty was signed. During EAWOP congress 2013, you can visit the historic Town Hall with its high gable—a gothic building from the mid-14th century. Furthermore, this option includes an interesting guided tour of the old town. You are able to enjoy, for instance, Münster’s St. Paul’s Cathedral or the Lambertikirche.

Guided “Tour of History” of the City of Münster:
The very reason Münster is considered one of the “Historic Highlights of Germany” can be experienced almost everywhere in Münster. In this tour, you will be guided through each of the historical milestones of the city of Münster, including the middle ages, the empire of the Baptists or the time during the signing of the Peace of Westphalia of 1648 (see also About Münster).

Guided Tour of the Old Town at Night with the Night Watchman:
In this exciting tour, you are able to accompany Münster’s “Night Watchman” in an entertaining time journey back to a Münster in medieval times.

Visit of the Botanic Garden adjacent to the Münster Palace:
The Botanical Garden of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster is scientific institution that not only provides resources for research and teaching, but also represents a fascinating recreational oasis right in the center of Münster. Directly next to the congress venue visitors will be able to discover nature and learn many fascinating facts in a guided tour.

Guided Tour of the Museum of Lacquer Art
The Museum of Lacquer Art – established in 1993 by BASF Coatings GmbH Münster – is a unique institution that offers an extensive collection of pieces of lacquer art from all over the world. In this guided tour through the Museum, you are able to experience this unique collection of art. Further interesting information can be obtained from the following websites (in German):


Overview of the Social Activities and the Respective Time Slots

Time Wed. 22.05.2013 Thur. 23.05.2013 Fri. 24.5.2013 Sat. 25.05.2013
9:30 Tour of the old town
10:00 Visit of the Botanic Garden   Visit of the Botanic Garden
11:30 Keynotes Keynotes
12:00   Keynotes
13:30     Closing Ceremony
14:30 Tour of History Guided Tour of the Museum of Lacquer Art Tour of History Tour of the old town
15:00 Member Assemblies
16:30 Keynotes Keynotes
18:00 Opening Ceremony EAWOP General Assembly
19:00 Conference Dinner
19:30 Drinks and Socializing
20:30 Old Town at Night with the Night Watchman


Further Activities in Münster

Münster offers numerous further activities and sights. Some of the most interesting are:

Münster’s All-Weather Zoo:
Always a worthy visit is Münster’s famous All-Weather Zoo which is named for its “all weather walkways” that offer protection against the rain or the sun. In addition to the large animal houses and the BioCity which is concerned with the protection of species, there is a “Dolphinarium” and the Westphalian Horse Museum. Further information can be obtained here.

Picasso Museum:
Münster’s Picasso Museum offers a large collection of Picasso graphics as well as several other exhibitions. The Picasso museum is conveniently located at the heart of city and offers several interesting guided tours. More information here.

Whale Exhibition at the LWL-Museum of Natural History
The LWL-Museum of Natural History in Münster offers many exciting exhibitions as well as a planetarium. The newly-introduced exhibition entitled “Whales – Giants of the Oceans” – Germany’s largest exhibition on whales—is particularly noteworthy. In this exhibition, you are able to experience unforgettable exhibits such as full-sized models of whales or original whale skeletons. For further information about this exhibition as well as general information about the LWL-Museum of Natural History, see

St. Paul’s Cathedral
Münster’s famous St. Paul’s Cathedral is conveniently located at the heart of the city and close to the congress buildings. Built in the 13th century, the Cathedral has been recently renovated and is now open for visitors. For an interactive panorama view of the Cathedral, see

Münster’s Prinzipalmarkt:
Münster vivacious flair can be experienced on the Prinzipalmarkt market square. Beneath their archways, exquisite shops entice shoppers to take a stroll. Light sandstone, distinctive cobbles in between the gabled houses and elegant shops underneath romantic archways make Prinzipalmarkt one of Germany’s most beautiful shopping promenades.

Green Sanctuaries and gastronomic delights:
Green sanctuaries can be experienced everywhere in “Germany’s Cycling Capital”: from the Promenade to the Schlossgarten, to Lake Aa and its adjacent park. Interestingly, the park of Lake Aa was recently awarded the title of “Europe’s Most Beautiful Park 2009”. With its numerous cafés, traditional Westphalian and international restaurants, combined with modern bars and pubs, Münster also offers a huge variety of culinary delights.

A lot of further information concerning exciting social activities can be found at Münster Marketing.