Congress Venue

The 16th congress of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP) will take place in and around the famous Münster Palace (built 1757-1787). With its Baroque architecture, the adjacent botanic garden and its location at the heart of the city, Münster Palace makes a unique congress venue. The Lecture Building and the Fürstenberghaus offer further facilities for specific parts of the congress program and are conveniently located between the Palace and the St. Paul’s cathedral.

congress venue

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Picture Tour of the Congress Venue

The congress takes place in three different buildings: Münster Palace, Lecture Building and Fürstenberghaus. To participate in the different congress events, it will be necessary to move between these buildings. All congress rooms are accessible without barriers. The maximum distance between the buildings is about 10 to 15 minutes walking distance, partly on beautiful historic cobbled ways.

Our picture tour starts at the famous Münster Palace (built 1757-1787) with its adjacent botanic garden.
Palace of the University of Münster / Source: WWU Münster/Peter Grewer Botanic garden / Source: WWU Münster/Peter Grewer

Cobbled ways 1/ Source: Thomas Wiesmann

These are the beautiful cobbled ways from the Münster Palace to the Lecture Building.

Given that the ancient architects of the Münster Palace were not aware of future fashion styles, high heels may not be the best idea during the congress days.

Cobbled ways 2/ Source: Thomas Wiesmann

On the way from the Münster Palace to the next stop – the Lecture Building – you can experience Münster’s vivacious flair as Germany’s bicycle capital.
Bicycles 1/ Source: Thomas Wiesmann
Bicycles 2/ Source: Thomas Wiesmann

Lecture Building 1/ Source: Thomas Wiesmann

About 5 minutes walking distance from Münster Palace, the Lecture Building – a popular gathering place for Münster‘s numerous students – is conveniently located in the city centre.

All buildings of the congress venue, including the Lecture Building, are accessible without barriers.
Lecture Building 2/ Source: Thomas Wiesmann

On the way from the Lecture Building to the Fürstenberghaus, you are able to enjoy Münster’s unique side-by-side of the Baroque and modern architecture.
Architecture 1/ Source: Thomas Wiesmann Architecture 2/ Source: Thomas Wiesmann

Recreation 1/ Source: Thomas Wiesmann

On your way to the Fürstenberghaus, you are also provided with many appealing places to relax and to enjoy Münster’s beautiful city centre.
Recreation 2/ Source: Thomas Wiesmann Recreation 3/ Source: Thomas Wiesmann

Five minutes walking distance from the Lecture Building: Welcome to the final stop – The Fürstenberghaus. This building is also accessible without barriers.
Persons with special needs can find more information here.
Fürstenberghaus 1/ Source: Thomas Wiesmann Fürstenberghaus 1/ Source: Thomas Wiesmann